About Forum

The Polish Navigation Forum is a voluntary, self-governing, permanent association, aggregating people professionally interested in the development of navigation as a science and a form of practical activity of a man. The area of forum’s activity is Poland. We set the following aims:

  1. Popularizing the science and the knowledge concerning navigation;
  2. Supporting initiatives meant to develop and promote the navigational questions, i. a. integration with the community of European navigators;
  3. Technical and organizational assistance to organizations and individuals;
  4. Representing the members of the Forum and presenting their opinions, needs and interests in the face of authorities and society;
  5. Creating conditions for the cooperation among association’s members and popularizing attitudes and actions favoring the development of navigation.

To become the member of PNF you must be either a citizen of Poland, have higher education in the field of navigation and submit a written declaration of accession to the Forum, or be a citizen of Poland and submit a written declaration accepted by the Forum’s authorities.